Podcast Guest – Pastor Keith Battle, ZION Church

Have you ever wanted to know how a multi-site church works. Do you want to consider taking your church multi-site. Join us for a conversation with Pastor Keith Battle of Zion Church as he breaks down the hows and whys of multisite ministry.

TKN Leadership Podcast Show Notes

Guest Bio

Rev. Keith Battle is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Zion Church, which he started in the Summer of 2000, and now has five campuses around the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. Since its inception, Zion Church has grown to over 14,000 regular attendees and 70 full-time and part-time employees.

In addition to his role as Senior Pastor of Zion Church, he serves as the Chaplain for the Washington Wizards, and the President of Sagacity, LLC the company through which he provides executive coaching for business owners, entrepreneurs, and other church leaders.

Main Topic 1

Discover what precipitated the growth, how Rev. Battle got his start, and what led him to launch a church of his own.

  • When you are getting started, don’t give up – keep pressing.
  • The culture will tell you what to plant.
  • Know where your sweet spot is as a leader.
  • Develop measurable goals.

Main Topic 2

Unpack what is required BEFORE a secondary location is launched, the people, the research, and the preparation.

  • Research: Do you have the 3 Ls? (Launch Team, Location, Leader)
    • Do you have 200 people who can be a part of a new location?
    • What location are the (200) people in your current congregation traveling from?
    • Do you have a leader who can steward your people?
  • What does the prelaunch process look like?
    • Host interest meetings with people who live in the radius of the location you seek to occupy.
    • Gather relevant data.
    • Unpack how it will work with the people who are interested in the new location.
    • Ensure that the location is married to the demographic data.

Main Topic 3

Once you’ve adequately prepared, how do you make it solvent? Learn how the new location needs to sync with the parent church and how to tap in and grow in the new community you are occupying.

  • People will drive to watch a screen if they are invested in that community.
  • Develop campus pastors that will meet your needs: will you remain the prominent preacher and stream your message? How frequently will your campus pastor need to preach live?
  • If you will remain the prominent preacher at the new location – ensure that everything outside of the message is synced to the best of your ability (ie: music, band, the feel of the room, chords, etc.).

Main Topic 4

Get to know Rev. Battle!

Carryout anyone?

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