Developing a Legacy of Leadership

Episode Introduction
Rev. Dr. William D. Watley helps us to understand how to cultivate a lasting impact in ministry through the preached word, connection with community, and authorship.

TKN Leadership Podcast Show Notes

Guest Bio

The Reverend Dr. William Donnell Watley, a powerful preacher, prolific author, and biblical scholar has served in ministry for over 60 years. Dr. Watley has preached on the continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America in addition to the island nations of Cuba, Barbados, Bermuda, and Trinidad. As a mentor and an educator, Dr. Watley has served as a visiting professor at a myriad of seminaries and universities and has written and edited 27 books throughout the last 30 years.

Dr. Watley’s Impact in the kingdom of God as Pastor, Priest, Preacher, Teacher, Counselor, and Administrator has been a model for so many throughout the Christian community and the world.

Main Topic 1

Becoming a lifelong learner.

  • Recognize the importance of financial preparation.
  • Avoid irrelevance by constantly exploring. 

Main Topic 2

Prioritize Properly

  1. Time with God.
  2. Be a good steward of your physical, financial, emotional, and mental health.
  3. Family, remember they are a gift from God as well.
  4. Ministry and responsibility.

Main Topic 3

Dr. Watley encourages us to steward our legacy by tapping into our creativity. As an author of almost 30 books and booklets, he shares some helpful tips to build a legacy.

  • Schedule time to intentionally create.
  • Make time for what you genuinely love to do.
  • Recognize the escape creativity offers when practiced as a discipline.

Main Topic 4

Rev. Watley discusses the power of the pulpit.

  • Do the text justice, always.
  • When you give people the word of God you earn their trust.
  • Nobody has access to the congregation the way the Pastor does.

Main Topic 5

Get to know Dr. Watley!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

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