Young Leaders and Apologetics

Episode Introduction
Lisa Fields provides insight into apologetics as well as the birth, growth, and purpose of her organization the Jude 3 Project.

TKN Leadership Podcast Show Notes

Guest Bio

Lisa Fields, one of the world’s most sought-after Christian apologists, combines her passion for biblical literacy with her heart for sharing God’s love with all she meets. During college at the University of North Florida, she took a New Testament course that shifted the trajectory of her life.

In her Jude 3 project, Lisa Fields has developed a platform for understanding and engaging the millennial Gen Y and Z generations. She has helped to create space that validates questions, theological wrestling, and exploration within a sound Christian framework. Since starting the Jude 3 Project, Fields has received several honors, most notably, Christianity Today’s recognition of her work as an apologist in the African American community.

Main Topic 1

Why apologetics matters and how leaders need to keep their eyes open for new opportunities.

  • Apologetics is informational & incarnational.
  • Being in different worlds helps you to understand different perspectives.
  • Leaders see a vacuum and step in to fill the void.

Main Topic 2

How to start building something new.

  • Don’t wait, grow as you go.
  • Start with what you have.
  • Practice discernment.
  • Collaborate!

Main Topic 3

Lisa Fields discusses what helped her elevate her leadership and grow her organization simultaneously.

  • Learn how to be a source of connectivity.
  • Accept that success does not happen overnight.
  • Take the time to get informed.
  • Pour into those who serve with you with encouragement, support, and prayer.

Main Topic 4

Get to know Lisa Fields!

Grenada anyone?

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