Becoming a Leader of Leaders

Episode Introduction
Bishop Hames shares how he went from being an individual leader of a congregation to supervising leaders across the 9th district of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

TKN Leadership Podcast Show Notes

Guest Bio

Bishop Charley Hames, Jr., on June 29, 2022, was elected as the 66th Bishop of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in the line of succession on the first ballot. Upon his election and consecration, the General Conference assigned him to the 9th Episcopal District, which comprises the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and California. Bishop Hames served as senior pastor of Beebe Memorial Cathedral CME for 20 years and has led one of the fastest-growing congregations in the CME church. Under his leadership, BMC has grown from eighty-one members to more than thirty-four hundred members, making it one of the premier houses of worship in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A true champion for community, Bishop Hames also served as chaplain of 100 Black Men of the Bay Area, Inc., former President of the National Action Network’s Oakland chapter, immediate past Chairman of the board of the Oakland African-American Chamber of Commerce, proud Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc., Life Member of NAACP, and an active member of Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity.

Main Topic 1

Build relationships.

  • People would rather see a sermon than hear one.
  • Develop an avid prayer life.
  • Have a formidable resolve.
  • Have a vision that allows you to see beyond your current situation, title, or position.
  • Build a community of believers that support you and see your vision.

Main Topic 2

Building your platform.

  • Use the space you currently occupy to network.
  • Callings are ever-evolving, be flexible.
  • Embrace discomfort.
  • Develop fundamental principles for the leaders on your team.
    • Goal Setting
    • Vision Setting
    • Honoring the Team
    • See the Greater Good
  • Recognize that you can’t lead beyond your exposure.

Main Topic 3

How churches move forward.

  • Develop a sensitivity to social justice.
  • Churches may grow smaller over the next 30 years and require spiritual coaches instead of positional pastors.
    • This requires 1-on-1 relationships.
  • America is becoming more secular, and Christianity may not be the dominant religion in the U.S. by 2050.

Main Topic 4

Get to know Bishop Haymes!


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